Press Release - February 2015
The Cruise Professionals Retains DECK Agency as AOR
Luxury Travel Provider Announces Partnership with Creative Communications Agency

Travel Pulse - December 2014
Virgin Cruises: What Do Travel Agents Think?
Claudetter Covey - September 2014
Trusted Travel Expert
The insider advice from one of Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts for luxury small-ship cruises: Mary Jean Tully of the Cruise Professionals.

Press Release - July 2014
Canada Day Celebration.
Celebrating Our Industry Leaders Who Made Canada Home

Press Release - April 2014
How to bridge the generation gap in cruising was one of the hot topics at the Crystal Cruises Sales Achievement Awards Gala.

Press Release - August 2013
Mary Jean Tully, named as one of The Top Travel Agents & Tour Operators, for 14 Consecutive Years
Wendy Perrin

Fodor’s – May 2013
In May 2013, the Editor of Fodor’s Travel featured Brad’s African wildlife photography

Business without Borders – April 2013
Service puts a cruise seller on top, Cruise Professionals’ obsessive attention to customers has made it a winner, CEO says Mary Jean Tully had a global vision when she started selling cruises from a hotel room near Toronto’s airport.

Press Release - December 2012
Mary Jean Tully honored as Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist for thirteen years in a row.

Press Release - April 2012
Mombo Camp (highest rated luxury camp in Africa) named newly built bridge the Tully Tully Bridge after Mary Jean & Brad Tully.

Lifestyler Magazine - March 2012
A Voyaging Adventure - Luxury Cruise Lines Are Taking Travelers on a Trip of a Lifetime.
Veronica Boodhan

Forbes - January 2012
How to Find a Super Star Travel Agent.
Larry Olmsted

Press Release - December 2011
Mary Jean Tully honored as Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist for twelve years in a row.

Globe and Mail - November 2011
The Good Life. How to See the World On a First Class Ticket.
Ian Cruickshank

Forbes - June 2011
Don't Ever Book a Cruise Yourself! Use a Cruise Professional.
Larry Olmsted

Cruise Week - June 2011
Top Producer, Mary Jean Tully discusses her reputation, client relationships and Social Media.
Mike Driscoll

Press Release - June 2011
The Cruise Professionals honored as Crystal Cruises Top Travel Specialist for ten years in a row.
Crystal Cruises

Advantage Magazine - May/June 2011
Luxury At Sea. The Cruise Professionals - world leaders in customized, high-end cruises say you have to know luxury to sell it.
Katie Gordon

Luxury Travel Advisor - April 2011
Oceania's Marina - Mary Jean Tully of The Cruise Professionals expresses that the vessel exceeded her expectations
Ruthanne Terrero

Canadian Executive Quarterly - November/December 2010
The Cruise Professionals - World leaders in customized, high-end cruises say you have to know luxury to sell it.
Lena Singer

Cruise Week - October 2010
Crystal's Senior VP, Bill Smith commends Mary Jean Tully of The Cruise Professionals.
Mike Driscoll

Luxury Travel Magazine - August 2010
Mary Jean Tully of The Cruise Professionals says world cruise clients are different than most.

Press Release - August 2010
The Cruise Professionals has been named in the elite Conde Nast Traveler's 2010 List of the World's 135 Top Travel Specialists, featured in the August 2010 issue.
Travel Zest

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2010
Wendy Perrin's 11th Annual List of 135 Travel Experts Who Can Change Your Life
Wendy Perrin

Canadian Travel Press - July 2010
The Cruise Professionals recognized for posting the highest Crystal Cruise sales in the world
Ted Davis

Press Release - June 2010
The Cruise Professionals honored as Crystal Cruises Top Travel Specialist for nine years in a row
Crystal Cruises

Travel Week - June 2010
The Cruise Professionals nine years at the top as Crystal Cruises Top Travel Specialist
Kathryn Folliott

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2009
Wendy Perrin's List of the World's 126 Top Travel Specialists
Wendy Perrin

Press Release - July 2009
The Cruise Professionals continue to live up to their name as a World's Top Travel Specialist for ten years in a row
Travel Zest

Cruise Week - May 2009
Crystal Recognizes Top Agents
Mike Driscoll

Active Adult Magazine - November/December 2008
Smooth Sailing - Luxury Lines and Specialty Ships
Barbara Philps

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2008
Wendy Perrin's Ninth Annual 128 World's Top Travel Specialists
Wendy Perrin

Globe & Mail - May 2008
Sailing the World, the long way round. The 116-Day Cruise
Wallace Immen

Travel Agent Central - May 2008
How Your Peers Are Spending Their Summer
Ruthanne Terrero

Travel + Leisure - May 2008
Strategies - Europe for Less
Wing Sze Tang

More Magazine - February/March 2008
40 over 40
2nd Annual List of Leading Ladies
Kim Pittaway

Travel Week - January 2008
New Cunard Victoria harkens back to the days of the grand ocean liner
Patrick Dineen

The Toronto Star - December 2007
Luxury at Sea - Making Waves
Tradition and elegance reign supreme aboard Cunard's newest queen
Caroline Mallan

Travel Agent Magazine - November 2007
Selling 101: Developing your luxury clientele: Tips for learning how to play in the big leagues
Debbie Strong

Travel + Leisure - September 2007
125 Travel Super-Agents
Andrea Bennett

Forbes Traveler - August 2007
VIP Secrets to a Fantastic Cruise
Heidi Sarna

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2007
Wendy's Rolodex Wendy Perrin's Eighth Annual 130 Top Travel Specialists
Wendy Perrin

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2007
Ten Perfect Cruise Itineraries
Brook Wilkinson

Forbes Traveler - July 2007
World's Most Expensive Cruises
Heidi Sarna

Globe and Mail - July 2007
Case Study - High End Travel - Champagne dreams for sale
Lisa Stephens

Travel Agent Magazine - July 2007
Silversea Details New Ship: Reveals Marketing Plans
Ruthanne Terrero

Cruise Week - June 2007
Crystal's Gregg Michel Explains Booking Patterns

Luxury Travel Advisor - June 2007
JUST BACK - Botswana 'Back to Basics'
Mary Jean Tully

Luxury Travel Advisor - January 2007
"Florida Reborn" - Advisor Insight
Mackenzie Allison

Luxury Travel Advisor - October 2006
Cover Story - The Cruise Professional - Mary Jean Tully masters the art of selling the high seas.
Ruthanne Terrero

Travel + Leisure - September 2006
125 Travel Super-Agents
Andrea Bennett

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2006
128 Top Travel Gurus - and how to put them to work for you!
Wendy Perrin

Luxury Travel Advisor - May 2006
Editor's Letter - "Dressing the Part"
Ruthanne Terrero, CTC

Cruise Connoisseur Club - March 2006
Oceania Cruises Recognizes The Cruise Professionals Commitment to Excellence
Oceania Cruises

Travel Weekly - November 2005
Cruise Professional gives her take on luxury lines' upgrades
Rebecca Tobin

Luxury Travel Advisor - October 2005
Destinations: Cambodia
Jonathan Siskin

Travel + Leisure - September 2005
The A-List Travel Agents
Andrea Bennett

WHO'S WHO - August 2005
For Immediate Release
Victor Clarke

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2005
The World's Greatest Travel Specialists
Wendy Perrin

Interview with J-Wave Radio Station in Japan
Sunday June 2005

OpenJaw. Cruise News - June 2005
What Does It Take To Be A Good Cruise Seller? Knowledge, Professionalism, Experience and Passion Makes A Good Start
Bruce Parkinson

Travel Weekly - May 2005
Roundtable on the Silver Shadow: Silversea execs, agents discuss luxury cruising
Rebecca Tobin

Globe and Mail - March 2005
Cruising: Tips for Getaways on the Waves

Press Release - November 2004
The Cruise Professionals Recognized for Cruise Sales Expertise at Crystal Cruises' Coveted Awards Gala

Elite Traveler - November/December 2004
Full-Ship Freedom
Sara Perez Webber

Globe and Mail - September 2004
Wallace Immen

Press Release - July 2004
The Cruise Professionals Named One of the World’s Top Travel Specialists for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2004
World's Most Amazing Travel Specialists - Fifth Annual List
Wendy Perrin

Elite Traveler - July/August 2004
Ships of Dreams
Wendy O'Dea

Elite Traveler - May/June 2004
Golf Cruises - Silversea
Larry Olmstead

Travel Weekly - April 2004
Hand in Hand: Silversea 'redefines' its ties with trade
Claudette Covey

Globe and Mail - February 2004
Cruising Trends Size Matters
Wallace Immen

NUVO - Winter 2003/2004
Travel Well
Jaqui Underwood

Celebrated Living - Winter 2003 Edition
Cruising The World
Larry Olmsted

Condé Nast Traveler - December 2003
High-End Cruises at Discount Prices
Heidi Sarna

Investor's Business Daily - October 2003
Mighty Queen Mary 2 Leads Cruise Renaissance
Larry Olmsted

Globe and Mail - September 2003
Cruising - Tips for getaways on the waves
Wallace Immen

Travel Counselor - August/September 2003 issue
Profiles in Success: Cruise Sales Superstars
Marilyn Green

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2003
The Greatest Travel Pros on Earth: Cruises
Wendy Perrin

Condé Nast Traveler - July 2003
The Best Cabin For Your Dollar on 64 Ships
Wendy Perrin

Press Release - July 2003
The World’s Premiere Luxury Travel Firm Launches First In-House Travel Concierge Service

Celebrated Living - Summer 2003 Edition
Larry Olmsted

The OSSN Newsletter - March 2003

Travel Weekly - January 2003
Late bookings ride the Wave - Wave season is period of high-volume cruise sales between January and March
Rebecca Tobin

Travel Agent Magazine - November 2002
Living in Luxury
Tricia A. Holly

Asta Agency Management - October 2002
Use The Internet To Compete
Bob Curley

Travel Agent Magazine - August 2002
Sterling Silver: Silversea Cruises burnishes its reputation for innovation with a flexible, customized cruise concept.
Susan Young

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2002
The Perrin Report: Choosing A Travel Agent
Wendy Perrin

Condé Nast Traveler - August 2002
The Most Luxurious Cruises: The Best Travel Agents
Wendy Perrin

Travel Agent Magazine - August 2001
The Most Powerful Women in Travel

Travel Agent Magazine - August 2001
Weak Economy Imposes Mixed Effects on High-End Leisure Market

Globe and Mail - May 2001
Riding the e-waves
Wallace Immen

Cruise Trade Magazine - 2001
Canadian Agent: "Nothing Beats First-Hand Experience"
Marilyn Green

Travel Technology News - August 2000
Online Agent
Douglas Quinby

Leisure Travel News - July 2000
Enterprising Agent
Marilyn Green

Condé Nast Traveler - June 2000
Miracles Are Us
Wendy Perrin

In Concert - Crystal Alliance, Fall 1999
Partner Profile

Travel Week Bulletin - November 1995
Honeymoon On Dry Land the Exception for Cruise -
Crazy Agency Qwner
Bruce Parkinson

The Toronto Star - November 1993
Our love for adventure lets her cruise to success.
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